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Rambler's Top100

Design by Eugenia Ostroumova
  • Male Vocal Ensemble

  • The quartet was created in Saint-Petersburg in 1994.
    There is the general information about Peter's quartet's concert tours and performances.

  • 1. The countries which were visited by the quartet since 1994 to 2005 - Germany, France, Spain, Finland, Japan, Australia, England.
    Performances in the famous concert halls of Europe - Musikhalle, Stadthalle, Gastaig (Germany)/ Palais de Congress, Temple de Neuf Cathedrale(France).
    Taking part in various TV-shows and programs on TV of Germany and France.
    1995 - CD -record on studio POLYDOR
    1996 - Taking part in the program "The Russian Culture's Days" in Bonn(Germany)
    1997 - Opening of the exhibition of RUSSIAN MUSEUM in Otaru (Japan)
    1998 - United project of the Russian company "Vodocanal" with the German company for the veterans of the 2nd World War in Kappelgrafenhausen (Bavaria, Germany)
    1999-2001 - Collaboration with the centre of the Russian culture "Peace" in Munich (Germany)

  • 2. Performances in Russia.
    Performances in concert-hall "Oktyabrsky" (Saint-Petersburg), concert-hall "Cinema's House"(Moscow).
    Premium on the 1st international festival "Barbershop Song".
    Taking part in the 10th jubilee of the organization "Golden Book of Russia" in Konstantin's Palace (Saint-Petersburg).
    Taking part in the Literature Award Ceremony dedicated to Alexander Nevsky in the "Taleon-club " (Saint-Petersburg).
    2004 - record of the hymn for soccer-team "Zenith" (St. Petersburg)
    Various performances on the bizarre stages of St. Petersburg as well as in other cities, including charity programs.

  • Variants of the performances.
    1. A -capella (only voices)
    2. A -capella with microphones.
    3. With accompaniment. (keyboards KORG PA50, guitar, various percussions) + 4 microphones.

  • Repertoire

    1. Russian orthodox church music.
    Composers - Rakhmaninov, Tchaikovsky, Chesnokov, Bortnyansky, Grechaninov, Lvov, unknown composers of the 14-16th centuries

    2. Russian folk songs and romances.

    3. Europian classical music.
    Composers - Bach, Hendel, Frank, Brukner, Schuman, Caldara, Lotti.

    4. Russian and world pop and jazz music.
    Composers - Armstrong, Webber, Ellington, Frimml, McCartney.
    Spirituals, Barbershop-style, pop music of the 30th, original arrangements of the popular songs.
    Russian contemporary composers - Petrov, Krutoy, Matvienko, Mokrousov, Soloviov-Sedoy.

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